Update #1

I have printed and sent my application form. They should have gotten it by now so I just need to wait for my law school to send off my reference. I can’t wait to take the next step and I pray that I get in. I need a plan B in case I don’t but I’ve already got it in my head that I’m going! I looked at my blog and saw that the countdown has gone from 2 months to 1 month.  I wish I could quickly jump to June and see whether I’ve gotten in or not. Looking back, the application process has been pretty simple. I was being extra (slang for being OTT) and just caused myself unnecessary stress but it’s not like that’s new.

I was looking at some sort of work experience and I am going to resume the search. It is hard and frustrating but I don’t want to do nothing. I need options. Whether I get in now or have to apply again, I have to work and get some experience. I have been in education for too long! I don’t know if any of you have watched Desmond’s…

… but I’m turning into Matthew! Forever studying! RIP to Gyearbour Asante. Those who have watched it will get it. Law evolves and requires constant reading anyway so I’ll never escape it. I’m alright with that.

Regardless, I still need to prepare and get a few things. I have not gotten anything black or white in terms of the uniform! I need to start making a list which will include sunscreen (even if I’ve been told it may not be effective). I think it will and I’m still bringing it!  I need to get malaria and whatever injections done, buy writing materials and etc. Basically, I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping! Shame I can’t make my sisters do it but their response would either be  (rolling their eyes), “Stop being lazy!” or “Did I beg you to apply to the Nigerian Law School?!” plus an eye roll! Ha ha! I’ll be doing online shopping for a lot of things. For some reason, where I live, people like standing in the middle of the pavement and I’m thinking “Don’t say anything should my bag “accidentally” make contact with you!” Ha ha! My bags tend to be massive!

Anyway, I still have hope and I am keeping everything possible crossed! 



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