As part of my craze for all things African, especially Nigerian, I have been watching the Africa Channel. I was looking through their competitions and that was when I saw Vlisco. The Africa Channel was offering various winners bags from their collection. No, I didn’t win. 🙂  Their bags are at a good price and they’re great.

They have a lot of wonderful ankara and I love their material and the designs. They currently have a 25% discount so head over to their website and see if there is anything you like. I want to get ankara because I want to get a blazer made. I haven’t found an ankara blazer online that I like yet but if anyone does know of a place where they do sell ankara blazers I would love to know.



2 thoughts on “Vlisco

  1. Yes, the Vlisco designs are quite cool but I never knew they had bags too!
    There are ankara inspired items everywhere in Nigeria! I do know of a cool ankara blazer designer, she’s known as “Remi Buttons”. This link should get you there: http://t.co/Ey8OFlhoT7. Her twitter handle is @buttonscouture. I’m sure you’ll love her designs! 🙂

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