Happy Democracy Day!!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Let me start off by saying Happy Democracy Day to all of my fellow Nigerians! I have never heard of this day before. Nigerians tend to eat Jollof rice and chicken when they celebrate and it just so happens it’s what I ate today so I subconsciously celebrated! 🙂 Nigerians make me laugh. Democracy day was trending on twitter worldwide today. I read messages along the lines of if 35 people have issues voting, what about the country and “Demo-crazy day”. I saw Dem-are-crazy on another blog which I thought was hilarious.

I just signed up to twitter today mainly because of Sunrise Daily, on Channels TV, which is accessible online. The presenters don’t back down when it comes to questioning neither do they allow weak answers. I’m digressing. I was watching Sunrise Daily and the topic of discussion was the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) or rather the shambles it became. How ironic that just before we are meant to celebrate Democracy Day, this comes up. It highlights that if 35 governors cannot pick their chairman, how is it elections are run in Nigeria in an orderly manner? Despite this, I will never not acknowledge that Nigeria has made progress. NaijaYarnz put up a post on Democracy Day which I think is very good. It is balanced and states Nigeria’s progress and areas it still needs to work on. I’m sure we can agree that politics and elections are areas  Nigeria still needs to improve on.

I was taught in Government and Politics that Democracy is a Government of the people, by the people, for the people. I looked up Democracy Day and found out that we celebrate Democracy Day as it marked the period when Nigeria departed from military rule. From then on, democratic elections were held whereby officials are elected by the people. There are too many conflicting arguments on whether the right people have been voted in since the end of military rule and election rigging. That’s a debate that will make up a new post and I have to be well versed as to the facts before I write anything concerning such a matter. I am still learning.

The basic fact of the NGF debacle is the dispute in relation to the votes cast. Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, who prior to this was the Chairman of the NGF, received 19 votes. The other candidate, Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State, received 16 votes. Governor Amaechi was the obvious winner. This is being disputed by some governors and Governor Jang has declared himself the new chairman. What make this more interesting is a video was leaked showing the counting of the votes and everything appears to be fine.

A guest on Channels TV did claim today that the video is fake, doctored or whatever and also General Sani Abacha (former military president) produced fake videos during or after his tenure. Chamberlain Usoh, one of the presenters on Sunrise Daily, asked him whether the person that took the video was able to manipulate the behaviour of the Governors in said video, which is a good point. None of the Governors seemed to dispute it, however, cries of vote manipulation arose when they left. It looks suspect. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the President, Goodluck Jonathan, Bola Tinubu and others have been accused of being behind the debacle because they were supposedly backing Governor Jang. I even read claims that it was because the President was unhappy with Governor Amaechi’s success that he drank a lot and ended up missing his speech slot at the African Union. That I’m not sure of but we still don’t know what happened to make him miss his slot.

Here is the video courtesy of Sahara Reporters.  Not of the president drinking. He doesn’t even look like he drinks anything apart from water. I mean the video of the how the Governors voted:

It’s not only the Chairmanship that has been taken from Governor Amaechi. He has been suspended from the PDP and I bet it won’t end there. He obviously has people working against him. I hope he finds a way through it. He is fighting back:

What is commendable is that there are people who are vocally on his side such as the Governor of Imo State,  Mr Rochas Okorocha. I think he is a great Governor and I have only heard great things apart from one blog post.

Here’s hoping that Governor Amaechi resumes his rightful position. I think it’s a shame that politics has to be so dirty. It has gone past the point where anyone cares whether the whole of Nigeria can see that something is evidently wrong. I was going to say fingers crossed that things improve but things will only improve when something is done about it. Sitting and crossing my finger won’t do anything.

On a lighter note, I managed to write the blog without stating Independence Day instead of Democracy Day. That was going to be the heading and I had written it twice more before I corrected myself. 🙂

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate all of the likes, comments and follows I have been getting. Everyone has been amazing and I have come across a lot of really good blogs and people. My review is still on the way. 🙂



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