Dr Damages 01/06/2013

The skit at the beginning was funny. The speech that the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, should have read has been posted by Premium Times: http://premiumtimesng.com/opinion/136267-by-goodluck-jonathan.html. Special Adviser to the President on media, Reuben Abati stated that the president could not give his speech because he was having a side meeting with other presidents, which other presidents did that day. It raises the question of why he couldn’t have done this at a different time, however, he is allowed to have someone else read his speech on his behalf which is what was said to have happened. It seems to me that this is another poor excuse which Nigerians are meant to accept but what do I know?

In a previous post, which can be read here, I wrote about Democracy day and what happened at the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF). I did hear someone say that Nigerians should not be concerned with this but why shouldn’t they be concerned? Yes, there are other matters of higher importance such as terrorism, poverty, education and so on, however, that does not mean that Nigerians can’t talk about it. It gets annoying when people say what topics others can discuss or not. If you don’t want to discuss it please go on about your business, cover your ears or don’t read when others do discuss these matters. It may seem trivial, but in terms of the democratic values that Nigeria should imbibe, it is important. Once again, if 35 people cannot hold a free and fair election, how are they meant to get over 162.5  million Nigerians to vote without allegations of rigging and bribery? We just celebrated Democracy Day so this is a good time to discuss this.

I said, previously, that  I hope Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State is able to power through his suspension from the People’s  Democratic Party (PDP) and having his Chairmanship stripped from him. I watched Dr Damages today (the video is above) and he mentioned that the Rivers State Governor was elected without his name being on the ballot paper which I found interesting. It turns out that how he even got to be Governor in the first place is suspect. Here’s a link to an article which talks about it: http://www.nigeriaintel.com/2013/03/02/jonathans-tactical-error-on-amaechi/. It is one of several. It involved taking the Governorship away from his own cousin, Celestine Omehia, who he reportedly went to reconcile with recently.

It’s amazing the amount of things one can learn from watching videos like Dr Damages and Keeping it Real with Adeola.

Enjoy the video.



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