Naij: A Documentary by Jide Olanrewaju (Video)

This is a documentary by Jide Olanrewaju who is a city investment banker. I have been postponing but I finally was able to watch it this morning and I’ve just finished it. I loved it for the fact that it was a way for me to get to know about my country’s history. He provides answers as to why Nigeria has not developed into the great nation everyone was hoping it to be. This includes external influences (mainly that of colonial rulers that did not want to let go), Nigerian leaders and the unnecessary ethnic rivalry. I found it interesting that almost everyone that came into power made a promise of eradicating corruption but ended up either embroiled in it or had connections to the perpetrators.

Those in power were constantly betraying themselves which was laughable and I was not surprised. They were there for their own agenda. As soon as someone assumed power, there were people in the wings waiting to oust them. This is evident today. How many politicians nowadays trust their counterparts including those in their own party? I had no idea that corruption was present in our politics from Nigeria’s independence.

The documentary starts from how Nigeria was bought, its pre-colonial era and its years after independence just up to former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure. It was interesting to see commentary about the Biafran war from another perspective besides Chinua Achebe’s. Both accounts, to me, are similar. It backed up a lot of things that were in Chinua Achebe’s personal account on Biafra. The same countries that were supplying ammunition were providing aid.

I became more aware of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and appreciated what he did as an activist. This documentary made me appreciate the power behind his music. This is a man who was thrown into prison numerous times because he was speaking the truth against the Government.

It will take time to watch but it is a good documentary for any Nigerian. Those who don’t know the Nigerian history so well, like me, and want to know more will also like this.


23 thoughts on “Naij: A Documentary by Jide Olanrewaju (Video)

  1. I have seen this, great documentary. I really wish there were more documentaries like this with details and even information from pre-colonial Nigeria and colonial era Nigeria.

  2. Yes, it’s quite long, it took finish seeing it but I’m really glad I did.
    I remember thinking when I saw this that there is so much we aren’t taught at school, it’s like someone just decided somewhere along the line that the details that make our nation aren’t important anymore.

    I wish more people would see this, leaders, old people, young people to see where we are coming from, the faith, the hope, the struggle… because maybe then we would know that we shouldn’t let all of that go to waste

    • I completely agree. I really wanted to find out about our history and I am happy that I came across this documentary. Hopefully, sharing it will enable more people to be able to watch it. 🙂

  3. This is the most informative documentary I have seen! Yes its long and I actually haven’t finished it but just had to comment. It is so sad that we seem to be going round in circles without learning from our past! Shouldn’t this have been used to teach history in our secondary schools, you think? Still watching….

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    • It’s all Jide. I’m not sure how you can get in touch with him though. I do agree that things do need to change. Nigeria is heading down a dangerous path.

  5. this documentary is so nice…even after studying history in the university for four years am still awed by the things i learned from this documentary. kudos…Jide i most say, no Nigerian movie has come close to this

  6. This documentary is thought provoking ad mind opening. Our founding fathers fought for independence, a right much needed by the nigerian people and used for their selfish purposes. Till date that is still the case.

  7. I could not view this video. Seems it has been blocked. I really hope to see it. Can someone help me out please?

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