Bar 1

Bar 1 will be starting soon. For anyone that needs info on what Bar 1 may be like or things such as what the required uniform is, I have found these blogs useful:

Naija Daydreamer


The Gentleman In Skirt



18 thoughts on “Bar 1

  1. hi there! I just found your blog after randomly searching online for NLS blogs. I will also be starting Bar 1 next week and I’m still confused/frustrated at the whole process. I have a couple of questions about the processes…if you could pls shoot me an email I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. Hi!!!!!
    I’m graduating law at a London university..born and bread in the UK but I have really wanted to go to Nigeria to qualify as a lawyer.

    it’s very difficult here (searching for training contracts) plus my dad practically lives over there..we have a good life there however I know I’ll be living on campus which won’t be as luxurious as my home!!

    Sigh my dad is literally telling everyone I’m going over there already though I haven’t yet decided!!

    being away from my sisters and brothers..friends and soon to be fiancé wont be easy but I’m 21 and I’d rather do it early on in my life. If I decide to practice here in the UK ill do the QLTT.

    What are your experiences? How are the students there? and the accomodation ????

    I graduate summer 2014 and would like to know a Londoners perspective


    • Hi.

      Thank you for reading and responding. It’s a good thing that you’re considering your options. I made my choice to come to Nigeria last October. The competition is tight for up and coming lawyers especially when it comes to training contracts.

      My experience is up and down. The accommodation is not as good as staying at home but it’s ok. What makes it better is having good roommates. I don’t mind but people do complain about the 12 o’clock curfew. If you’re locked out, the doors won’t open till 6 in the morning. You do have other options though. There is an estate called pride which is within walking distance of the law school. There’s another one, I’ve forgotten the name but I hear that Pride estate is better. They often have parties at Pride from thursdays. The cheapest I heard you can get an ensuite for is 400,000 Naira for a year. There’s also a hotel nearby called Elim which you can stay. I was told that it costs just over 9000 Naira a day but if you want to live there for a long period of time, they can reduce the price. There’s a lot to know but if you want some more information, feel free to email me at

      I know it’s hard to leave family, friends and your soon to be fiance but once you get settled everything will be fine. I think that you should weigh up the pros and cons of staying in the UK and moving to Nigeria. You’re the only one that can make the decision. If you have family here then it will make things easier for you. My dad was really happy when I told him I was going to move to Nigeria. I’m not surprised that your dad is so happy. How many Nigerians that are born and bred abroad make the decision to go back? It’s a big thing.

      I wish you all the best. Feel free to email me if you want more information. 🙂


  3. Hello.
    Thank you very much, I’ve been enjoying your insights to the bar 1 programme. Please just got a couple questions.
    1. When does the application or Bar 1 come out
    2. What tests are required to be done before u go. I’ll be in Lagos for a while so I’d rather do it there.


    • Hi. You are very much welcome. Thank you for reading my blog. The application for Bar 1 should be on the website,, at the end of March. Either that or the beginning of April.

      There are a lot of medical tests required. The form is also on the website once you’ve submitted your application. They include a blood test (clotting time and genotype), X-Ray, eye test, stool and urine test, skin snip test and etc.

      They don’t take that long to get done but it’s better to get them over and done with on time so you can just go straight for registration. The process can be a bit frustrating.

      Good luck with your application. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. 🙂

  4. Sorry abt. The repeat. Connection issues. And also it would be o great help I you could help with Past questions of Exams. I think that would really help in preparation or what’s ahead.

    • It’s ok. 🙂 It happens. I should be able to get the samples of the past questions to you either tomorrow or Saturday.

      I think you should start a blog. You’ll be surprised at what it will lead to. Thank you for reading mine. Feel free to ask me more questions about Bar 1.

      Sorry I’m jusy replying now. I replied several times but it was not posted.

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  6. Hello
    am beginning to like your blog already the way you respond to questions,i hope you help me too
    -i just got the full admission status on my acknowledgement slip and yet i dont know the amount foreigners are to pay
    -after the payment of the fees are we shared amongst the different campuses or all of us will be at Abuja?
    -Lastly when are all freshmen needed to be in campus
    your quick response will be welcome

    • Hello. Thank you for reading. I’m happy that you like my blog and I am happy to help.

      Congratulations on your admission. I hope you have a great time at the law school. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. I checked the Law School’s website briefly and wasn’t clear on the amount. There is a Facebook page set up for Bar Part 1 2016 and it states that Foreigners are meant to pay 600,000 Naira. You can find it here:

      2. All Bar Part 1 students study in Abuja.

      3. According to the law school, you are starting June 20th 2016:

      I hope all of this helps you. Feel free to send me a message if you need further help. I wish you the best of luck in law school.


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