Service With a Smile

Disclaimer: Please, I am not saying that all Nigerians are like this. I am just talking about the encounters that I have had. I love my people and think that we are one of the best in the world. This is just something that I have happened to encounter and a few people have agreed, tends to be common.

Before I go into what I want to talk about, I just want to give a little update on how things are going. Things are going ok. I have met a bunch of nice people and a lot of them are in Bar 2. I wasn’t expecting Bar 2 to be so nice for a reason I’m not even aware of myself. Lectures are going ok but na wa for the reading. It is the profession I have chosen so I have no excuse to complain but I believe that if you want to complain, you should be able to. It is just something to get out of your system. As for the food, it is ok. I eat rice most of the time but I do eat chicken and chips from time to time. I am thinking of Chinese next time and we are lucky that there is a shop within the mami market that sells Chinese food (If it is the wrong spelling, abeg I don’t know how to spell it). The staff are really nice, at least most of them are. Generally, this is a good place but I complain too much but I think it’s understandable. It is not easy.

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Liebster Blog Award!!!!

Hello again! I was not expecting this at all. I hardly get wifi around here so when I was posting my ‘Welcome to Nigeria posts’ (which can be found here and here) I looked at my notifications and saw that Aeysha had nominated me and some other people for the Liebster Blog Award. Her nomination made my night better because things were driving me mad. I love her blog and if you are not following her, you are missing out! Please click here to go to her blog.

As many others, I had to find out about what the Liebster blog award is and it is no easy feat. It was easier for me to find out what it was from Aeysha. Liebster is a German word which means dearest or favourite. It is given to those who have less than 200 followers.

I love this. It’s always nice to get recognition from another blogger (Thanks Aeysha!) and recognise others. I just started blogging this year and I have loved it so far.

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Welcome to Nigeria (Part 2)

Hello! Part 1 is here if you haven’t read it.

The bus dropped us off at the local airport and for some reason I was thinking ‘Wow! I’m in Abuja’ until I remembered that it was the local airport and I was catching a domestic flight. The local airport was so disorganised. I waited a bit before someone helped me with my luggage and my ticket. He told me that he had helped me get an earlier flight and asked if there was anything I could give him. So far two people had helped me and had asked me for money. I told him I didn’t have any money left, which I didn’t, and thanked him for helping me. 2 minutes later, I realised that he hadn’t gotten me an earlier flight. My flight was early anyway. It just so happened that Lynxxx was at the airport.

I enjoyed my domestic flight much more than my international one. When I got to Abuja, I looked around. Abuja is a nice place but my first destination was the hospital for medical check up. Like a Londonah who had never been to a Nigerian hospital, I kept on running back and forth with the money to pay for the tests. Living in London with the NHS made me forget that I would have to pay. I was told by a staff member that I ate too much indomie because I have a stomach (it is small oh and it is not my fault).

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Welcome to Nigeria (Part 1)

Hello, I hope someone has missed me, lol!

If there are errors in this,  I am sorry oh! Internet is not easy here, which I forgot funny enough, and I don’t have the power to reread this. It should be fine though.

I have made it. Since I got to Nigeria I have been running around looking for various things. If it wasn’t for the various blogs I read, some of which are in my previous post, I would have been lost with a few things especially the uniform. It is easier for boys. They don’t need to look far when it comes to what they have to wear: a simple suit, black, with a white shirt. They don’t even have to wear a blazer. Girls, however, skirts must not be above the knee and shouldn’t have slits no matter how small they are. Turns out we are allowed slits as long as they are not too long. I could not find a skirt when my sister and I went shopping. It was the day before I was meant to travel and I decided to look online. I tried Marks and Spencers and found a skirt but they weren’t able to deliver it to the nearest store so I could collect it before travelling. What saved me was Tesco. They have a clothing range called F&F. I went online and found a skirt. I ordered four whilst thanking God that I wasn’t going to have to run around and look for skirts in Nigeria. If you order by 3pm, I think, you can get what you ordered from Tesco Click and Collect after 4pm the next day. It wasn’t until I was sorting through the clothes I was going to take back that I realised that the skirt I wore to church could also be used. Turns out, after my worrying, slits are allowed as long as they are not too long. Continue reading