Welcome to Nigeria (Part 1)

Hello, I hope someone has missed me, lol!

If there are errors in this,  I am sorry oh! Internet is not easy here, which I forgot funny enough, and I don’t have the power to reread this. It should be fine though.

I have made it. Since I got to Nigeria I have been running around looking for various things. If it wasn’t for the various blogs I read, some of which are in my previous post, I would have been lost with a few things especially the uniform. It is easier for boys. They don’t need to look far when it comes to what they have to wear: a simple suit, black, with a white shirt. They don’t even have to wear a blazer. Girls, however, skirts must not be above the knee and shouldn’t have slits no matter how small they are. Turns out we are allowed slits as long as they are not too long. I could not find a skirt when my sister and I went shopping. It was the day before I was meant to travel and I decided to look online. I tried Marks and Spencers and found a skirt but they weren’t able to deliver it to the nearest store so I could collect it before travelling. What saved me was Tesco. They have a clothing range called F&F. I went online and found a skirt. I ordered four whilst thanking God that I wasn’t going to have to run around and look for skirts in Nigeria. If you order by 3pm, I think, you can get what you ordered from Tesco Click and Collect after 4pm the next day. It wasn’t until I was sorting through the clothes I was going to take back that I realised that the skirt I wore to church could also be used. Turns out, after my worrying, slits are allowed as long as they are not too long.I hate travelling with a passion. What made my situation worse was on the day I was meant to travel, I called the travel agent who told me that I had to pay nearly a hundred pounds extra to travel because I lost my ticket. The deposit did not go through and he didn’t call me back to verify “because he was busy”. This was my first time of booking flight with a travel agent so once I had supposedly paid the deposit, I assumed everything was ok. I was pissed off! I had no choice but to pay for the ticket. I also ran around looking for last minute things with my sister. I managed to get home, pack (my sister did most of it), cook and run off to print my e-ticket. Due to traffic, I got off the bus and power walked home just in time for the cab driver to call my house and say he was ready to pick me up.

The trip to Nigeria went well. I sat next to a lovely Yoruba lady on the plane who kept me laughing throughout the trip and gave me great advice. The other person I sat next to wasn’t so great. Immediately the plane landed at Murtala Mohammed Airport, everyone on the plane was ready with their bags to get off the plane. I was acting like a big chick thinking ‘Na wa for Nigerians always rushing to get on the plane and get off. I’ll just wait for most of them to get off.’ By the time I had gotten off and had seen the queue at the immigration check point, I remembered why people are so quick to get off the plane. I stood there reading Americanah, which I have now finished. The funny thing was that I got my luggage so fast and quicker than the people that did a Usain Bolt off the plane. Good thing I remembered to keep a pound for a trolley. A man, who was part of airport staff, took my trolley off me and helped me go to the bus that was going to take me to the local airport. He did ask me for money but all I had was change. He took it anyway. We waited for some time. I heard that people have had to take taxis instead of the airport transfer because they can take time and before you know it, you might miss your flight. Another airport staff knocked on my window. It was a good thing that I could not get it to open because he was also asking me for money. A girl behind me bought credit and he tried to get the vendor to give him the change. She stuck to her guns and got the change back.

Part 2 coming up.




11 thoughts on “Welcome to Nigeria (Part 1)

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  4. There are so many Bar 1 applicants who are looking for help or want their questions answered by people who have gone through the process. We are leaving questions on blogs that are inactive or blogs that are geared more towards what bloggers are currently doing so questions are not being answered.

    1. Can you please tell me how you were notified that you have been accepted to Bar Part 1. I’m hearing that the portal sometimes won’t even get updated and you just need to show up for registration.
    2. What was the timeframe from the time of the notification to the day of registration?
    3. Is it true that every Bar Part 1 applicant get accepted?


    • Hi. Thanks for reading. When I was applying, I was in a similar situation. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

      1. I can’t remember that well but we checked the law school’s website. We were somehow notified of the date that we should check the list of those who had been accepted.

      I don’t know about other years but in mine the process was straightforward. The portal was updated and we had the necessary dates for registration and the commencement of the course.

      2. I’m sorry but I can’t remember. I think it was around a month. It wasn’t that long.

      3. In my year, I think nearly all applicants were accepted. That’s what I understood from the list that was published.

      It all boils down to the number of spaces that the law school has and the number of applications it receives. From my understanding, an applicant has a great chance of getting in once they fulfil the requirements and submit the necessary forms on time.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything else if you need more help.


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