Fun times!!!


It has been a while since I posted. Law school is going well. I’ve been coping. We’ve got Bar 1 exams in just over a week. When I’m done with my exams, I will write a post on my time so far in  Nigeria which has basically been Bwari. It takes some time to get to town and I can’t be bothered a lot of the time so I don’t venture outside the campus gates a lot. A friend of mine suggested that a group of us should get something to eat and we went yesterday. We ended up going to Tulip which is in Wuse II. It is a lovely Bistro with great decor and the customer service was amazing even with my indecisiveness and numerous questions. The cost was reasonable.

Tulip Bistro

The interior

The interior

Cakes and Muffins

Cakes and Muffins (sorry, it’s not so clear)

I had to make a choice between the chicken sub sandwich and the Louisiana Pasta and I eventually chose the former. I also ordered a large glass of apple and guava juice.

The menu and my apple and guava juice

Chicken sub sandwich

Chicken sub sandwich

My friends had the Louisiana pasta.

Louisiana pasta

Louisiana pasta

Both the Louisiana pasta and the chicken sub sandwich were great. I would recommend Tulip Bistro to anyone and everyone. It was nice to venture outside Bwari and take a break from exam stress. Now, I have to get back to it. It’s amazing that in 2 weeks Bar II will be over and soon I will have been in Nigeria for three months.

Now, I am going to go back to reading but hopefully I will be posting more soon.

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2 thoughts on “Fun times!!!

  1. It’s great hearing from you Naijabrit! Good to know you’re doing well too! I haven’t been to this place before (mainly because I haven’t visited Abuja enough times, lol), but I will keep it in mind for my next visit.
    The very best in your exams!

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