I passed!!!


Quick update! I am so happy to say that the Bar 1 results are out! I passed!!! Thank God! I gave myself serious hypertension over these exams (no different from the panic I’ve been going through since primary school, lol!). I am so glad my friends and I have passed especially those that were so worried. Now we are moving on to Bar 2! I pray all goes well and we’ll be the next batch of qualified legal practitioners!


Bar 1 is over… kind of!

Note: This is useful information for those who are going to do Bar 1 in 2014 or are considering it in future. Thanks to anyone else that wants to read it!


Before I start, I would like to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting on my posts. It’s nice to know that there are people reading what I write. I appreciate it. Right now, I am holidaying in the East. How I got here was a story and a half involving a 2 hour hold up in Kogi due to a festival and men with inferiority complexes. Bar 1 is over… for now! I’m still waiting for the exam results. Fingers crossed.

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Releasing exam stress and having fun


I took a day off. I woke up yesterday and I just couldn’t read. There is so much information to take in! Luckily, a friend suggested that we should go to Tutti Frutti in Wuse II. On the way, we got hungry and decided to go to KFC, which is right next to it. The food was really good. It did cost more than what I would have paid in London but as I keep being told, this is Nigeria, not London, and I need to stop converting. Also, I was happy to see a burger because I haven’t really been liking the food I have been eating much. The service was good also. After, we went to Tutti Frutti and got some frozen yoghurt. There were different flavours such as Pomegranate (not so nice), vanilla, chocolate, guava and orange. I picked vanilla, chocolate and guava. They also had a variation of toppings to choose from. I picked skittles and jelly babies.

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