I passed!!!


Quick update! I am so happy to say that the Bar 1 results are out! I passed!!! Thank God! I gave myself serious hypertension over these exams (no different from the panic I’ve been going through since primary school, lol!). I am so glad my friends and I have passed especially those that were so worried. Now we are moving on to Bar 2! I pray all goes well and we’ll be the next batch of qualified legal practitioners!



10 thoughts on “I passed!!!

  1. wow congrats!, iv been delaying coming back for law school, but I feel for future sake i should do it. Im currently writing the south africn law school exams. could some one give me an idea of the form or style of questions they ask in bar part one? I would really appreciate hearing from other people’s experience.

    • Thank you 🙂 In Bar Part 1, the questions are fairly simple and some are repeated from past exams. If you would like some examples, feel free to email me. The questions depend on the subject, however, they are simple and answers are expected to be straight to the point (no storytelling! Lol!). Hope this helps. 🙂

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