The Art of Dining

Table Setting

Table Setting


I know this is past its due date but better late than never! We had our law dinner around the beginning of December. A lot of people were excited about it. Girls were getting their hair done hours before and some had bought special outfits for it. I wasn’t so hyped about it but it ended up being a good experience. What made it better was I was sitting with my friends.

Girls were not allowed weaves, extensions or wigs. Every female was there with their hair au natural! With the comments some guys were making about hair, it was easy to tell that they were excited about the fact that girls were taking their weaves out and found it amusing *rolling my eyes*. The dress code was the same as usual: black and white. It was surprising that black suede shoes weren’t allowed but whatever floats their boat.

Law students are required to dine three times. Twice during bar 2 and the third when they are called to bar. This is where law students show their etiquette by eating with the appropriate cutlery and etc. Dignitaries such as members of the Body of Benchers also attend. There were two law dinners for two different set of students.

We got there on time but had to wait for the dignitaries to arrive. To waste time, people were taking photos and chatting. We also had to take attendance. As a joke, I took a photo with the people I was sitting next to as proof that I attended the dinner. The dining hall looked better than I expected. The decorations were up, the tables were set nicely and there were a lot of servers. The servers were a bit unorganised but overall were good.

My table was meant to get bread and a sachet of butter like everyone else but it was not to be. 🙂 We started off with pepper soup instead. It was good. I enjoyed the rice and chicken that came after. The rice was good, the plantain meh! but the chicken… it was amazing. The dining hall should make chicken like that everyday. The dessert was a fruit salad. The picture below is my fruit salad before I started eating it. Others had more fruit. I just got the mini version, lol! After the food, the law dinner ended with a speech. Apres the speech, we all vamoosed.

Verdict: The law dinner was great. The dining hall looked better than I thought it would and the food was good. I know what to expect for the next one.

For the near future, my posts will be starting with “The art of…”

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Happy Holidays Folks



Bread and sachet of butter

Bread and sachet of butter

Pepper Soup (Starter)

Pepper Soup (Starter)

Rice, plantain and chicken

Rice, plantain and chicken

Dessert (Fruit salad)

Dessert (Fruit salad)


3 thoughts on “The Art of Dining

  1. I’ve had my dad, sister and friend go though law school and mention these dinners, but not as you’ve described it. I’m glad I now have an idea of what it’s like!
    So now that you’ve passed your exams, what’s next?

    • You are surrounded by lawyers! 🙂 Glad you’ve got an idea of what it’s like. I’ve heard stories about what they are like. Some of them were bad. I’m happy that they’ve progressed.

      Now that I’ve passed my exams, I am in Bar 2. I should finish next year, God willing. After that it’s NYSC for me! Can’t wait to blog about that experience! 🙂

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