Speaking through the nose


I never thought I spoke through my nose until I came back to Nigeria. I’ve had people telling me that I speak and it sounds like “wih wih wih”. The funniest was on a Sunday. I went to a church service on the law school campus and I was asked to read a bible passage. Afterwards the pastor said that I read too fast and I was talking through my nose. Lol! Speaking through the nose for me = different intonation. Either that or I do actually speak through my nose.

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Would you be so gullible?

Picture taken from decorativedecal.com (not owned by me)

Picture taken from decorativedecal.com (not owned by me)


Who else looked at the picture and spent two minutes pronouncing gullible to see how it sounds like oranges? I did.

I have been postponing this post for some time now so here goes. Sir Farouk, this is for you.

Nigerians are very inventive people. I love the Nigerian trait of hustling and working. Rarely will you see a Nigerian just sitting down and doing nothing especially when they don’t have much. They go out and make their money. The issue of concern is the means by which they go on their “pursuit of money”. Continue reading

Travelling in Nigeria


I am on my way to Bwari as I am writing this. I miss home already but what can I do?

I prefer to travel within Nigeria by road. I have no idea why. It’s nothing to do with the stories of plane crashes or anything, I just prefer it. I’ve been on flights within Nigeria. There was a flight where my ticket from London was booked for the wrong state and I had to make my way to the correct one. There was another when I was travelling last June for law school and that was with Arik Airline which you can read about here and here. Had no problems with the any of the flights I’ve been on at all. I enjoyed my flight to Abuja from Lagos more than my flight from London to Lagos. The rest have been pretty normal.

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