Happy Mothers Day!!!!


Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there and to all the mother-like figures. I know this is coming late in the day but other things came up. I hope that we didn’t wait till today to show appreciation to our wonderful mothers. They deserve that appreciation a lot of the time. It definitely can’t be everyday because it’s not possible.I would love to say Happy Mothers Day to my mother who died years ago but will always be here. She was such a lovely woman who LOVED her family. It’s a shame that she’s no longer alive but she suffered a lot from her illness and there’s no way I would have wanted her to be alive and continue to suffer. I’m so grateful to have had her in my life. Unfortunately, my little brother didn’t get to know her like the rest of us did. I don’t like dwelling on sad things and I just saw it as another day to be thankful for her and the other people in my life that have been present in her absence.

I would like to say a BIG Happy Mothers Day to my mother first and foremost. I would also like to wish the same for my Dad. He’s was there for us when she was ill and has played both his role and hers since she passed away. He is amazing and wonderful and God knows what we would have done without him. I would also like to wish my aunts and other relatives a Happy Mothers Day. They are always there to help my family and I appreciate it. Last but not least, I would like to wish  my “law school” mothers. They are wonderful people who always look out for me. I am grateful to have met them and pray that our friendships last even after we are called to the bar.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and those who are there in their place. Happy Mothers Day to all of the big sisters who are taking care of their little ones.

If you want to, please leave a special shout out to anyone you would love to wish a Happy Mothers Day.

Shout out to my sister who made a lovely collage! I really loved it!

Until next time.




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