Update #2 (I think)


The mini break, we’re having before attachment starts is soooooooo goood! I am having fun but not too much fun. I’ve had an interesting talk with someone today about the state of Nigeria and a debate with someone recently over the necessity of learning how to speak one’s language. I have not been reading much. I was beating myself up about it but I think my brain is rebooting slower than a blackberry curve. I have read so much that “I don tire!”. Continue reading

Bwari Child Foundation




This has been long overdue. I thought I would write about something that is dear to me, Bwari Child Foundation (BCF). Yesterday, we had our Farewell Party at the Holy Family Orphanage behind Elim Top Suites in Bwari. Before I came to the law school, I read about a charity organisation connected to the law school. I can’t remember what it was about from then on I knew that I wanted to join a charity. I can’t remember hearing any announcements being made (it’s likely I may not have been listening!). Anyway, in Bar 1 I went to the Anglican Church within the campus for the first time. After the service, Bar 1’s were told to stay back and were assured that if they needed any help, there were NLS (Nigerian Law School) staff members that would be able to help. We were also introduced to a former Bar 1 student, Victoria, who just so happened to be the then President of the Bwari Child Foundation. That was when she told me about BCF and I immediately wanted to join. She had such a passion for the foundation and from the way she spoke about it, one could tell that it was something very important to her. It was sad to see her cry when she handed over the reins to our set (2013/14). That is essentially the story of me joining BCF.

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One Year With WordPress


I randomly decided to go on WordPress and I saw in the notifications that I have been with WordPress for a year! I started this blog because I love to write and thought it would be a good way of documenting my move to Nigeria. So far so good but I do need to go back to London for a bit. The 29th of June will make it one full year that I’ve been in Nigeria without travelling out! This is the longest period of time that I’ve been in Nigeria. Looking forward to blogging about NYSC and other things in the future.


Bar 2 so far…

Bar 2 so far

Hi. This is long overdue. It’s been due to the same reasons: procrastination, doing waka about due to joblessness and refusal to read, events, lectures and of course reading (which nearly takes me all day when I get around to it because I am a slow reader and some topics are boring). Bar 2 will be over soon! We’ve got the court and chambers attachments and exams left. All of the ITKs (I too knows) either are putting the fear in me or making me roll my eye balls and it’s not even time for exams yet!!!

Bar 2 so far has been an experience. Continue reading