Bar 2 so far…

Bar 2 so far

Hi. This is long overdue. It’s been due to the same reasons: procrastination, doing waka about due to joblessness and refusal to read, events, lectures and of course reading (which nearly takes me all day when I get around to it because I am a slow reader and some topics are boring). Bar 2 will be over soon! We’ve got the court and chambers attachments and exams left. All of the ITKs (I too knows) either are putting the fear in me or making me roll my eye balls and it’s not even time for exams yet!!!

Bar 2 so far has been an experience.I have been having ups and downs as any normal person would. The reading can be so stressful but it is what I signed up for. It all started with the registration process. It was simpler for those that had done Bar 1. We had applied for Bar 2 just before the Bar 1 exam period and the application cost 20,000 Naira. We were required to fill in the usual details such as name, address, previous education, results and the usual passport photographs were attached. As the Bar 1’s, those especially who had stayed at the hostel, had filled and submitted their medical forms, all that was required was to pay the fees of 295,000 Naira. It increases every year. The process for those that studied at Nigerian universities is slightly different I’m guessing but I can’t comment because I’m not sure. I think it involves the various universities submitting a list of names. Due to backlog and the ASUU strike, there will be a second batch this year that will start in April. They’ll start once we leave for attachment.

The Bar 1’s resumed after those that studied in Nigerian universities as our results had not come out yet. Some of the Bar 1’s that have positions in various organizations came back to find that elections had been held in their absence and they had been usurped. That includes yours truly but no hard feelings.

In the beginning it was like there was a bit of tension between those that studied abroad (hereinafter called TTSA) and those that studied in Nigeria (hereinafter called TTSiN). Some TTSiN’s were being called the natives (even by those who only went abroad for three or four years for university (shaking my head)). Some TTSiN’s were making jokes that some of the TTSA’s went to neighbouring African countries and came back with a formed accent. I sat behind an unfortunate individual who said that TTSA were copying white people. The tension was extremely stupid. Apparently it happens every year. It’s a good thing that it’s gone because we are all Nigerians (minus the Camerounians) and it was ridiculous.

The first thing we did when we resumed was mock trials which lasted for five days. They were supervised by the lecturers. After that we jumped straight into lectures and hit the ground running with all the reading we had to do. The lectures are from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm (in the Abuja campus) with a thirty minute break. The law school gave us lesson plans which was a nice change from Bar 1. We had all of the topics and pre class assignments in advance. The five courses we study in Bar 2 are:

1. Criminal Litigation
2. Civil Litigation
3. Property Law Practice
4. Corporate Law Practice
5. Law in Practice

We have to do drafts for all of the courses. The drafts are essentially the documents that legal practitioners are required to submit to the court and the police as required by various laws. We had to do them to suit various scenarios we were given in our lesson plans. Some scenarios are modified and other times, lecturers create new ones. They are tedious but relevant. A note to aspiring legal practitioners in Nigeria: Please Please Please Please Please Please Please do your drafts from the very beginning. There is a drafting book by F.J. Oniekoro and others which are good to use and some textbooks have some drafts in them. The lecturers will go over them in class and you’ll be able to correct them and learn as you’re going along. Don’t have a backlog like me. Also try and get your textbooks as soon as you can. You’ll need them to read. Lecturers frown upon them but the photocopying shops do sell handouts which give an overview of the topic that you’ll be learning the next day but you’ll have a better understanding if you read the textbooks for yourself. There are notes on all lectures by a former 1st class student that are being sold and are REALLY good. It helps me because I can’t be writing notes all the time. If I write notes as I am reading, there will be no time for me to sleep.

Aside from studying, there are a lot of things to do:

1. Going out to eat fish
2. Apparently, there’s a place where you can paintball
3. Silverbird cinema is close.
4. There’s an art village I really need to go to.
5. There are two hotels called Century and Elim Top Suites nearby that anyone can go to to have drinks and eat. Elim has a pool and a gym.
6. There is a restaurant/club called Lovitoz which is opposite the law school which serves REALLY good food and people like to hang out. They have ladies night on Thursday’s and other promotions. They also have two pool tables. Their food is so good and the customer service is great. The owner is a friendly guy, he is charitable and donates to good causes.

There is also an abundance of “Love in the Bwari Bush” which is essentially couples walking and driving especially at night. I see them and can’t help but sing in my head, Usher’s “Love in the Club”, but instead of “Love in the Club” I replace “club” with “bush” and it ends up being “Love in the bush”.

Well folks, that’s generally it. If there’s anything else, I’ll post it later on. I still have to post about the various organizations that we have here in the law school especially one that I love so much: Bwari Child Foundation. I am also going to write about the various events we’ve been having. All of this will be in due time.

Until next time,



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