One Year With WordPress


I randomly decided to go on WordPress and I saw in the notifications that I have been with WordPress for a year! I started this blog because I love to write and thought it would be a good way of documenting my move to Nigeria. So far so good but I do need to go back to London for a bit. The 29th of June will make it one full year that I’ve been in Nigeria without travelling out! This is the longest period of time that I’ve been in Nigeria. Looking forward to blogging about NYSC and other things in the future.



6 thoughts on “One Year With WordPress

  1. I’m so happy I stumbled on your blog today. I’m starting bar part 2 at the end of the month and I’ve been practically clueless as to how everything happens.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences; they are definitely enlightening.
    I hope you will write about the final law dinner- I hear no one talks about it. (Or maybe it’s just a myth?)
    Congratulations on making it to the one-year mark on WordPress!

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I will write about the final dinner. You just made me realise how I haven’t read any blog posts about the final dinner. I think in general people choose not to talk about the law school mainly because the law school frowns upon it. Congratulations on getting to Bar 2! I hope you have a great time. Thanks for reading my blog. I will be sharing more of my experiences.


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