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This has been long overdue. I thought I would write about something that is dear to me, Bwari Child Foundation (BCF). Yesterday, we had our Farewell Party at the Holy Family Orphanage behind Elim Top Suites in Bwari. Before I came to the law school, I read about a charity organisation connected to the law school. I can’t remember what it was about from then on I knew that I wanted to join a charity. I can’t remember hearing any announcements being made (it’s likely I may not have been listening!). Anyway, in Bar 1 I went to the Anglican Church within the campus for the first time. After the service, Bar 1’s were told to stay back and were assured that if they needed any help, there were NLS (Nigerian Law School) staff members that would be able to help. We were also introduced to a former Bar 1 student, Victoria, who just so happened to be the then President of the Bwari Child Foundation. That was when she told me about BCF and I immediately wanted to join. She had such a passion for the foundation and from the way she spoke about it, one could tell that it was something very important to her. It was sad to see her cry when she handed over the reins to our set (2013/14). That is essentially the story of me joining BCF.

BCF was established in 2008 by law school students. It was incorporated in November 2010 by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria with registration number 385308. From its name, it was set up to help children in Bwari but over time, the foundation has opened up and is helping children outside  Bwari. So far we have donated pillows, furniture, food, clothing, educational supplies, medicine and paid the tuition fees of those who don’t have parents or whose parents have been struggling. None of this would have been possible without the NLS students in Abuja. They have donated so much towards the cause and it is greatly appreciated. These are people who paid 1000 Naira for a lollipop just to donate and have become dedicated members. Our success is also down to the blood. sweat and tears shed by the current President Tope, the Vice President Harrison, the executive members and members of Bwari Child Foundation.

In the past years, BCF members have set up a trade fair and had a Hugs for Hope Day. Hugs for Hope is a day where students are allowed to come dressed in yellow and blue instead of their usual black and white in support of BCF. BCF members wear special T-shirts and hug people who have the choice to donate. This year, students could not wear yellow and blue but members still got to wear the shirts and were out hugging people. Here are the events that the 2013/2014 BCF set up to raise money.

Bar 1

  • Hugs for Hope
  • Talent Show


Bar 2

  • Hugs for Hope
  • Charity Ball (over 1 million Naira (before costs) was raised)
  • Children’s Christmas Party at the Holy Family Orphanage


We have visited the Children’s Ward of the Bwari General Hospital, several orphanages and a primary school at Jigo. The Principal of the primary school is a man who has been enrolling children even though their parents may not have the money to pay for  their education. He even allows them to pay in installments. 

The highlight of BCF for me has been teaching at the Holy Family Orphanage. The kids are amazing and such a joy to be around. I give kudos to all teachers because it is not easy! They were taught maths, social studies, English, Fine Art and even had a French lesson. I will miss them and I hope that it will not be the last time that I will see them.

For future law students wanting to join the Foundation, the membership fee is a one off fee of 1000 Naira. The details are below:

  • E-mail:
  • Twitter: @BwariChild


For anyone who would like to help out and donate, donations can be sent to Bwari Student Support Foundation, Nigerian Law School Headquarters, Bwari.

Bank: Zenith Bank Plc

Account Number: 1013323852

Thank you for reading.

I’m having problems putting up pictures for some reason. I’ll try and put them up in a bit.



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