Guest post: Law School Experience 2


Here is part 2 of the guest post by my friend, The Legal Hermit who has written about his experience at the law school. He also has a blog which you can read here.

If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so here.

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Guest Post: Law School Experience

Guest post! This will be more interesting to those who want to go to the Nigerian Law School, particularly those that studied in Nigerian universities. This is an account from my friend The Legal Hermit. He also has a blog which you can read here. His law school experience will be posted in segments.

This first segment is about the period leading up to his arrival at the Law School including the long journey he took to Abuja.

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When I was younger, I wanted to be many things. I wanted to be a lawyer, a tennis player, a newscaster and so on. I loved writing stories in primary school. My mum always encouraged my writing and printed out the first few chapters of a book I wrote when I was younger. My dad found the diaries I used to write interesting.
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Chamber attachment


Chamber attachment. The second part of the attachment for Bar 2 students. Basically, law students are placed in law firms which should be close to where they live. Mine started with wahala because I could not find it. I was moaning! The cab driver didn’t even know where it was and people in the area didn’t know where it was either. It turned out to be 15 minutes away (without traffic) from where I was staying.

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