Chamber attachment


Chamber attachment. The second part of the attachment for Bar 2 students. Basically, law students are placed in law firms which should be close to where they live. Mine started with wahala because I could not find it. I was moaning! The cab driver didn’t even know where it was and people in the area didn’t know where it was either. It turned out to be 15 minutes away (without traffic) from where I was staying.

It was an interesting experience. That I know I can say. There were interesting characters. What one ends up doing depends on the law firm. Some law firms get their externs to do a lot while others have a laid back approach. The one I was in gave the students tasks to do and at the same time wanted to make sure we had enough time to read for the bar finals so we had time to study and daily mini sessions to cover topics for the bar finals. It was great for the most part. In the beginning I didn’t think I would connect with the other externs but we ended up being one big weird happy family.

The things we did:
1. Research
2. Went to the court registry to see the pre trial process
3. Had mini revision sessions
4. Attended the meetings
5. Some people went with lawyers to court

Externs should start at 9 am and be at the firm for a minimum of 8 hours. Some forms required externs to be present at 8 am. It all depends on the firm.

Note to group leaders. It is a nice gesture to give the Principal a gift. I forgot… *running off to hide*. Some law firms give gifts to the students when they are leaving.

So that was basically it.

I’ve been falling asleep while writing this post and I don’t normally sleep during the day. I slept during the exam period so I don’t know why I keep falling asleep. Guess it’s the stress that is causing it.

I will be getting a guest blogger to post something soon. He must do it this week even if it requires me chasing after him.

Au revoir. I have a friend to beat in Subway Surfers.



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