Law school is over


The bar finals are over!!!!!! I thought I would be happier than this. I am happy that I don’t have to drive myself crazy reading but I’m thinking “What will I be doing?” My answer to that… I will be blogging, reading novels, trying not to think about results, resting and all that good stuff.

I can’t wait for youth service. My expectations are too high and I need to dial it down because I did the same thing for law school and it didn’t turn out how I thought it would.

As expected a lot of people were excited that the bar finals were over. There was a “compulsory” cocktail after the final exam which was ok. There was a band which was decent, water, meat pies, doughnuts, chicken, canned drinks and suya. I didn’t even see the suya stand but apparently it was eventful. One person ran off with a large chunk of it and students were hustling in the queue. The hustling was so much that the table collapsed and students fell on top of it. That is what I heard sha.

Despite the wahala (trouble) of law school here are the things I will miss…
1. The amazing friends I made.
2. The children at the Holy Family Orphanage

I can’t think of anything else and it’s partly because I have post exam brain.

Till I post again.



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