2 weeks is a long time when…

… you smash your phone and you can’t connect to the internet.

My name is NaijaBrit88 and I am a phoneaholic. I’m kind of exaggerating but when I found out I could not see anything on my phone, I was in a mood and I was pissed. I borrowed a phone which couldn’t connect to the internet and I found out that I had no numbers. Now that it’s sorted I haven’t even rectified that but anyway…

I learnt the obvious:

1. I don’t need to be by my phone all the time and

2. BBM and whatsapp stop me from calling people. Not that I call that much anyway, however, I was a bit better.

Right now I am once again waiting for exam results. I pray that corporate did not trip me up. I am not prepared to resit those exams. Once is enough.

I have also applied for Youth Service. For those of us who studied abroad, we have to submit an online application were we fill in details of our education, address, dob, next of kin, languages we speak and etc. The next part is to upload the specified documents to support the application. The last part which I will be doing last minute because I am a person who likes to run around like a mad woman when the deadline is near instead of doing things ahead of time soon is to go to Abuja where we have to show our original documents, i.e. certificates and passports.

I was told that we’re not going to camp for three weeks this year because of ebola. Apparently batch b only camped for 8 days. It’s a bit disappointing. I wanted the experience even though I heard the stories about the sanitary conditions. Oh well. At least I’ll get the uniform and the boots. 🙂



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