Bar II Final Exam Results 2013/2014

Yesterday was completely different from what I was expecting. I was happy that I had passed but not as happy as I should have been. It wasn’t about not getting the grade that I was expecting because I got over that quickly. What was sad yesterday was the number of people that failed.

There are figures flying about so mine may not be as accurate but out of around 6000 students just above 2100 students passed. Basically, two thirds of the law students who took the exams did not pass. There was something I read on twitter along the lines of “How can you be happy when your friends have not passed”. I can’t remember the exact words.

From looking online and what students have been hearing for years, this is not new. This has been the situation in the previous years. I was told that this has been the worst but I’m not sure how correct that is.
When I was panicking about the results, I came to a decision: “If I should fail, I’ll continue with NYSC and do the resit examination”. Interestingly enough, on the day that the results were meant to come out, I became calm and the feeling that I had passed took over. When I found out I passed, I was relieved. That relief was shortlived. Most of my friends passed but I have a few that didn’t. It’s sad.

There were people that I thought would get first class that didn’t. There were people who put their all into reading for the exams and read so hard that didn’t pass. There were a lot of people who thought that they were going to do better, however, the grading system brought them down. Unlike the usual way, a student’s lowest score is the result they end up with. For example, there are five courses. If in four of them 60% is achieved and in the last one 40% is achieved, then the overall mark is a Pass (40%). It’s a bit harsh. These exams have turned everyone upside down.

I hope that those that didn’t pass don’t feel like there is no hope and this is not the end. There are options such as NYSC. I read a great blog post where Afollypeprempe writes about what one can do when they find themselves in such a situation. I don’t know how receptive I would be if my results had been the reverse but I like the way that Afollypeprempe broke it down.

Good luck to everyone who didn’t pass. I pray your resit examination will be successful. To those that didn’t do as well as they wanted, don’t let it stop you.



4 thoughts on “Bar II Final Exam Results 2013/2014

  1. I want to attend law school. It’s completely different from what I’ve done in my underrate – psychology. Law school is something everyone told me I should consider…and you know what? I am motivated!

    Where did you go to law school? Have any tips on getting accepted and surviving though it?

    Take care,

    • It’s great that you’re motivated for law school. The motivation will keep you going. I went to Law School in Nigeria as it’s where I want to end up practising. Where are you intending on going to law school?

      Getting accepted depends on the law school. Generally it’s just to fulfil certain criteria. I wasn’t required to write a statement on why I should be accepted as I think some do. The best thing is to gi to the school’s website and see what is required for you to be accepted.

      As for surviving, I would say that it’s good to maintain a steady study system. Read before the lecture as you will get a better understanding rather than just going in with a fresh mind. Anything that you don’t understand, you can ask the lecturer straight after the lecture. Last minute reading (which I tend to do) will only pile stress on you. The period leading up to exams should just be for revision and not learning new things. Read throughout the course and you’ll feel so relaxed during the exam period.

      I think it’s best to wait a while and see what textbooks you like and are suited to you. I have bought textbooks that I didn’t like and didn’t open.

      Form a study group. It could be for an hour or two a day. It’s good to get the opinions of others and to get them to explain something that you may not understand. You end up helping each other.

      I wish you the best of luck 🙂

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