Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

My first post of 2015. With the way I’ve been moving about, I haven’t had the time to write a post and when I do get the time, my brain is too tired. I am yet to write about Law school clearance, call to bar and my time at Camp (posts to come soon). Yes! I can brag that I stayed at camp throughout minus the one day I was at Abuja to enrol at the Supreme Court. Some ran but I stayed. Some got an exemption because they had to leave for call to bar. I thought I would be one of those people until I saw in my letter that my camp would start after call to bar.

This NYSC business is not funny.

I don’t know whether it’s just me but things are not so straightforward here and it’s like people are out to frustrate you e.g. I was told by my local government to go to Surulere for a letter only to be told that I can pick it up from the local government. Mainland to Island and vice versa is not easy especially with traffic! In my camp, we didn’t do the endurance trek. I was happy when I found out we weren’t doing it. Karma laughed. All this waka (walking) that I’ve been doing just to get a place to work for NYSC has made up for the endurance trek that never was.

When I left camp, I went straight to my Primary Place of Assignment (ppa) with my posting letter to see whether they would accept me. Apparently the firm is good. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately (I don’t know), they already had enough corpers. I’m not even going to get into the whole rejection thing because that was a mess in itself.


1. Make your life easier and look for a law firm yourself. Do this while you are waiting for the Bar Final results. Go for interviews and tests. Look for a law firm that you will want to work in after youth service. Don’t be like me allowing NYSC to post you. It works in some cases but in the event that it doesn’t work then it is wahala you’ll be facing. You’ll end up going to a law firm that your fellow lawyers have already applied to as corpers and the next thing you’ll see is a rejection letter.

2. If you are rejected and you need to look for a law firm (ppa) to work in, try and find one within your local government. If they don’t have jurisdiction to post you to the new place you’ve found then you’ll end up going to the secretariat (NYSC Headquarters) in Surulere. If they haven’t printed your letter and you get there. Wahala. You’ll have to go back. In my case, I got to Surulere (I used my initiative after being told Yaba) only to get a call for me to pick up my posting letter from the local government. I won’t say anything. I was stunned when I got the call. They think it’s easy for me to jump to mainland. This goes for all corpers actually. Not just the lawyers.

The good thing is I have finally found a ppa. It takes me two hours to get there and back because of traffic so I end up watching Revenge, The Good Wife and Jane the virgin on the way to work and I read Stelladimokokorkus.com on my way back. The work is going well despite the courts being on strike and it doesn’t look as if the strike will be ending any time soon. What makes it even better is I like the people I am working with. They are really nice. For now, things are going great.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2015. More posts to come. *fingers crossed behind my back*



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