Breaking the funk

I have been in such a writing funk for a long time and I have no idea why that is. I have ideas yet I don’t write, I’m surprised that I’m still getting emails and when I have time to write I just don’t. This has been going on since last year. I was waiting to magically get the writing bug back but since that is not happening, I’m breaking the funk by fire, by force. I was going to go all church and make a joke about casting the demon that is causing this, however, it’s not that deep and God would laugh as it is luck if I’m at church on a Sunday. *I did go today*

Anyway, not a lot has been happening apart from work and the weekly CDS (Community Development Don’t know what the S stands for and I’m not bothered to look). I’m not really feeling CDS to be honest. Before NYSC, I was hoping to join a charity but I later found out that those that studied law, whether they’ve been called to the Bar or not, HAVE to join legal aid. Won’t go into what happens but it involves A LOT of standing. Hopefully, I’ll find something I do like. Another thing is NYSC wants corpers to work for the election yet they haven’t paid us for working in January. *puh-lease*

Work has been going well and I actually like it. I am suffering from something. It’s so bad that I don’t look forward to the weekend and I am so happy when Sunday is nearly over. I’m on my way to being a workaholic plus I can deny it but I love the stress. I need to get out more and it will happen (I hope). It’s funny thinking about what it was like when I started to where I am now. Someone should have given me the newsflash that one doesn’t have to wear only black and white to work. Todo, we’re not in Law School anymore.

I will try something. Next week will be one post a day week. During my lunch breaks, I’ll put up all the posts that I should have put up since last year. There will be posts on the Call to Bar, NYSC Camp and the period after that, moving about in Nigeria, delayed Americanah review and etc.

I’m going back to Stella Dimokokorkus’ blog and Toke Makinwa’s YouTube vlog.

Au revoir.



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