Last Thursday


It is raining season in Nigeria and right now, I am standing under shelter (a fuel station) because work is not enough for me to get drenched. It might have been before but I don’t get ready in the morning to end up looking like a drowned rat. My area has so much water, even jeeps are swimming. Lagos might be terrible but I will never forget how it rains in Abuja.

Like I’ve written in a previous post, I’ve hit a bit of a writing rut. It’s not like I don’t have things to write. It’s either I don’t know how to write it in a way I’ll be satisfied or work, tiredness, laziness and procrastination get in the way. I didn’t think that the next time, I would post, it would be about something like this. In a weird way it’s like it didn’t happen to me and it hasn’t affected me since.

The state of the buses in Lagos can be atrocious. They are not properly maintained and the general feeling is that the bus operators aka the conductor and the driver don’t care because it’s not their vehicle they are operating. It could be they are working for someone who collects money at the end of the month who also doesn’t care about the state of the bus.

Last Thursday, I was on my way back from work and happened to be on a rickety bus. Rickety buses are not out of the ordinary so I didn’t think anything of it. At one point, I thought it was a “one chance” bus and I was going to be robbed at some point because we used the back route (not unusual due to traffic) and the bus driver had not collected money from any of the passengers.

There was a place where only one car could go through at a time. The bus driver and another driver using his own private vehicle stupidly decided to fight to see who was going to get through first. The other car did. As soon as the bus moved to follow the car, I heard a boom but I was preoccupied with my phone. All of a sudden there was commotion on the bus and I was confused. That’s when I saw that the front of the bus was on fire. Of course the driver of the car he had been battling with, drove off. People can be disgusting. I hope they feel ashamed whoever they are, however, I have a feeling that the person is shameless.

Trust Nigerians. The passengers didn’t even waste time. People were flying out of the windows. That’s how I had to leave the bus after a fellow passenger smashed the window. The laptops and the bag that I were carrying made it out before me though. Sorry to the woman who was coming out of the window before me. She ended up partially being my landing pad. In the process of vacating through the window, one of my shoes refused to vacate with me. Someone eventually got it for me though.

The good thing is no one died and the fire didn’t get to the tank. I came out with a few scratches and a bruise but I’m ok. It’s surreal how I could have died or I could have ended up in hospital with serious burns, talking about skin graft procedures with doctors.

God is amazing. He truly is.

As for those who own buses, drive them or conduct them, they have to take better care of them and have a more caring attitude towards their passengers. Some are so desperate to make more money at one time, that extra seats are added to the buses and passengers are packed onto the buses like corned beef. A lot of buses are in terrible states and are being driven recklessly.

Next time I see a double decker, I will give it and the driver a big hug. I’ll even hug everyone that works for Transport For London.




2 thoughts on “Last Thursday

  1. What a harrowing experience. The way you tell it has me in stitches 🙂 But I realize how serious it was. Glad that you and the other passengers escaped unharmed but for minor injuries.

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