3 years plus the time….

… I sat next to a crazy woman on a plane.

I wasn’t until I was notified that I realised it has been three years since I first blogged on WordPress. I started this blog when I was preparing to go to the Nigerian Law School. Looking back, a lot has happened. I am now a qualified solicitor and barrister in Nigeria and I have completed NYSC. The next step is getting a job and God knows the job hunt is not easy at all! Fingers crossed, I will get a job I like soon.

For a while now, I’ve been in London. I was so happy when I got back. It’s easy to miss London when you’ve been in Nigeria for a while. I smiled when the bus driver at the airport was nice; I smiled because of the easy modes of public transportation and I smiled because of constant electricity. All that smiling was after I encountered a middle-aged woman on the plane who should have known to act better. She tried to intimidate me but it was an epic fail.

She was on the phone as the plane was taking off; after the flight attendant had told her three times to get off the phone. I hadn’t realised what she was doing but when I did, I muttered “Really?”. That was my first time of witnessing someone on the phone, as the plane was ascending and I was shocked. I got over it immediately but she didn’t, telling me I couldn’t tell her what to do and I was lucky we were on the plane because she couldn’t slap me. She did threaten to slap me when we got off the plane and complained that I did not respect my elders. I don’t like conflict. I turned and told her repeatedly, “Try me and I will get you arrested.”. I’d like to think the Naija in me kicked in because I wouldn’t have stood up for myself as much prior to going to Nigeria. She’s lucky I’m not vindictive otherwise I would have tried to get her kicked off the plane and after dealing with getting arrested in Nigeria; she would have sorted out how to get more money for another plane ticket.

I do think that moving to Nigeria exposed me to new things; made me stand up for myself more and has given me the ability to adapt to different situations. I have met a lot of people and I have made great friends. Nigeria can be frustrating, don’t get me wrong. The interrupted power supply, fuel scarcity, bad roads, people grabbing at the market and so on are not easy to deal with but Nigeria has good qualities and there’s something that will draw you in. I can’t wait to go back.

Before I go, I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog. I do appreciate it, especially the nice comments. It’s a great feeling to know that there are people that enjoy reading it and find it helpful. I would also like to thank Writeforsanitysake, The Legal Hermit and others who have encouraged me to continue blogging even when I haven’t been in the mood.



6 thoughts on “3 years plus the time….

  1. 9jaBrit, pls tell me you are still in the UK. #meet&greetOnMyMind. Haha (half joking…only half). I am desperate for a hand to hold and assure me that everything will be alright as bar I draws nearer. Yes people can be very aggressive & confrontational in Nigeria even when they are clearly wrong. I will now proceed to read your new entries as they are very relevant to me. Enjoy the sanity of England & please dedicate a post to how on earth an English born and bred lady would find herself drawn to 9ja with all its flaws.

    • Yep. I’m still in the UK. Thank you for reading! The sanity is great but I miss Nigeria. Ready to go back.

      I am here if you need any help. Trust me, after a few days of Bar 1, you won’t need any hand holding. You’ll get through the application and Bar 1 is nothing to be TOO serious about. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be but the main battle is with Bar 2.

      You can always email me if there’s anything you need help with ☺

  2. Hi,

    I’m always amused when people decide to use force instead of reason, even when they are clearly wrong. Ah, bullies annoy me.

    I agree with you, living in Nigeria teaches you to stand up for yourself, it’s pretty much “Survival of the fittest” here. 😀

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