NYSC Essentials

This post is beneficial to anyone going to camp.

I should have written this sooner. Before camp, I was so excited. Unlike some people, I wanted to experience EVERY bit of camp. I ordered my socks, shoes, shirts and shorts from 1500 Naira. They have great customer service and are quick to resolve any issues plus it made my life easier. The market may be cheaper alternative.

Here are the essential items that you’ll need for camp:

  1. MONEY! There are ATMs but if they don’t work it will be inconvenient. You may have to go to someone in mami who will give you the money and charge you extra on top of it.
  2. Two packs of white shirts. In fact, take as many shirts as you think you’ll need. This goes for anything else that is white. It’s helpful for those who want to wash the clothes themselves. Keep in mind laundry men and women are available. 
  3. At least 4 pairs of white shorts. Side eye for anyone that thinks that booty shorts are appropriate for camp. I can’t even remember whether they make it an issue.
  4. At least 4 pairs of white socks. I thought they had to have the green stripes on them but they don’t.
  5. Three or four pairs of white trainers, tennis shoes or converse type shoes. There’s a laundry part of the market where you can get them washed. Take a scrubbing brush if you would like to wash them yourself. You could buy rubber shoes, they are easier to clean. I chose not to because I don’t like them.
  6. Bath essentials. Toothbrush and toothpaste, Bath soap and sponge, washing soap, toilet paper and a bath bag; where all of these items can be kept.
  7. Buckets and a small bowl. I advise to get a normal sized bucket and a small one. The smaller bucket is to keep your bath bag in. It helped me because if I had kept my bath bag on the bathroom floor, window ledge or the partition between the ceiling and the wall, I would have gagged. I wasn’t brave enough to use the showers when they chose to work.
  8. A towel.
  9. Body cream and sun screen. “Under the sun, or in the rain..” (NYSC anthem). If the heat from the sun is too much, no one is going to say, “Let’s stop for a while so you all can find some shade.”. You will stand there until the people in charge are done with you.
  10. Females will need the obvious should mother nature come i.e. sanitary towels and tampons.
  11. 2 sets of bedsheets, pillow cases and a duvet/cover. I found a lot of them cost more than what I thought necessary for NYSC so I bought random material and had them made for me. This was cheaper.
  12. Body spray and perfume/cologne.
  13. Hair necessities. Combs, hair cream, hair bands and other accessories.
  14. Rubber slippers. Necessary.
  15. Waist pouch. Wherever you go, you can take your valuables with you.
  16. Padlocks for luggage and the camp wardrobe if you get one.
  17. Nightwear.
  18. Clothes pegs.
  19. Face towels or handkerchiefs.
  20. Hand fan.
  21. Hand sanitizer.
  22. Deoderant.
  23. POWER BANK! The alternative is carrying  your phone to mami market so you can charge it.
  24. Extension cable (If it’s allowed). If there’s a socket in your room (There was in mine but usually there isn’t) it will make it easier to charge your phone and being the owner will give you a greater chance of charging it in the room.
  25. Sunglasses.
  26. A torch.
  27. Underwear.
  28. Mosquito net. I didn’t take one and caught malaria.
  29. A food flask, a cup and cutlery. Essential for anyone who will be eating the free camp kitchen meals.
  30. Writing material. You may have to take notes during sessions.
  31. An umbrella just in case.


  1. Call up letter
  2. University transcript
  3. Degree certificate
  4. University ID Card
  5. Passport photographs x 10

NOTE: Take at least five photocopies of each document. NYSC loves paper. Someone told me to take 10 of each which was unnecessary and I still have them sitting in a file. 


  • Don’t bother with multi-colour underwear unless you’re wearing something over that won’t show through all your whites.
  • You will get boots, nysc wear (the green outfit and the shirt with the crest), a pair of socks and 2 pairs of shorts. Despite them making you go through the trouble of measuring yourself, they are likely to give you the wrong sizes. My boots were a 6 and I wear size 8, however, they fit perfectly.
  • In my opinion, you won’t need basic first aid items and medicine but they will come in handy if you fall sick. There’s a clinic so you’ll be covered regardless.
  • You don’t need to bother bringing casual clothes.
  • Take games, novels and anything else you may need in your free time.
  • Take snacks if necessary. I took cereal bars.
  • Mami market has a lot of things you can buy if you forget anything on the list.
  • Remember to pack light when going to camp, just incase they make you carry everything on your head when entering. If they don’t, thank God and enter silently. Don’t be like me and joke with them about not carrying your luggage on your head.
  • Also, be calm when entering the premises, my hot head prevented me from entering immediately.

7 thoughts on “NYSC Essentials

  1. Very comprehensive list! Before then I didn’t think I needed sunscreen, until I suffered from a major heat rash and left camp completely black. I didn’t notice until I saw the pictures, I was horrified, lol.
    Did they make you carry your box on your head? Oh no, sorry! haha. The things those soldiers make you do can be very humbling.
    I’m sure many people will find this post useful!

    • Thank you. I hope it is helpful.

      The sun was terrible. I didn’t realise I had gotten darker either. It was my aunt that let me know when I got back. Lol.

      Luckily, I didn’t have to carry my luggage on my head. It was heavy so that wouldn’t have been funny.

  2. You missed out
    “DO NOT CARRY YOUR LAPTOP, IPAD. TABLET and anything bigger than a a samsung phone Note II”
    because if you do and they get stolen, then you are the architect of your misfortune,

    leave any unnecessary gadget that is more than your phone and charger, every other thing is what we regard as “stress”

    • That’s true. In Lagos they seized my laptop and other items from people and gave it back to us the day before we left camp. I took my Samsung Note II and it was never stolen; even when it took it to mami market every other day to be charged.

      As long as the valuables all fit in the waist pouch and they can be carried all over camp, then the corper will be ok.

      • LOOL. they are so nice in lagos I am sure they seized just so they can keep it for you guys, in Ogun State, nah, you bring whatever you bring at your own risk.

        whatever cannot stay in that pouch as is a valuable and isnt a document, doesnt belong in camp.

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