Big Brother Nigeria

From left to right: (Top Row): Efe, Gifty, Marvis and Miyonse. (Second Row): Bisola, Kemen, Coco Ice and Bally. (Third Row: Soma, TBoss, Thin Tall Tony and Uriel.

So… who else has been watching?

Enjoy it while it lasts because the morality police are complaining so much and if the sponsors and the network take these complaints seriously, it may be 11 years before we see the third series.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Big Brother Naija including investigations into the location, sexual activity in the house, infidelity, morality, a pastor cursing the organisers/sponsors of Big Brother and a petition by a Non-Governmental Organisation for the Nigerian Broadcsting Commission to stop broadcasting the show. Did anyone know that the Single Mother’s Association and the Married Men Assocition of Nigeria exist? Well, Thin Tall Tony and Bisola will when they leave the house if they weren’t previously aware. They have letters from them to read.

This is the second series of Big Brother Naija; 11 years after the first. I was in secondary school when the first series came out and I can remember watching bits here and there. The only people I can remember from that series are Gideon Okeke and Ebuka Obi Uchendu who have become highly successful since their series aired.

I would not be surprised if some people who watch the show pretend that they don’t because of the negative stigma surrounding it. It has been raunchy at times with partial nudity and scenes and conversations of a sexual nature which some believe is not the right representation of Nigeria and not what Nigerians should be watching. Unless there’s a secret task or interesting conversations taking place late at night, I stick to watching it randomly during the day. I am not looking to see anyone’s bits and I find it hilarious when I read tweets the next day of Nigerians cursing out the camera man for not showing more.

I get both sides of the argument. Do I want to see people engaging in sexual activity in the house? No. How do I avoid that? Switch off. That’s what people who don’t like the show should do. If you have children, keep them away from the channel. Those who do like the show shouldn’t be surprised that people aren’t in support of the show. It’s Nigeria. Do all you like behind closed doors but not on national TV. At the end of the day, there are more important issues in Nigeria which need to be discussed in Nigeria like the killings in Southern Kaduna, the current recession, corruption and the exchange rate. We do also have to keep in mind that everyone has a right to their opinion and the people who don’t like the show have a right to say what they like. The problem with some is they have been quick to shut down opposing views instead of listening.

On top of the controversy, people are stanning for their faves too much as if they’re going to be receiving part of the N25 million. The Efe and T Boss fans are the worst, in my opinion. Tweet anything about Efe or T Boss, someone will be there lying in wait to reply.

Quick Rundown of the Housemates

Who I want to win… BISOLA. I’ve been watching her on Single Girl in Transit  on Ndani TV’s YouTube Channel. It is a well written web series which I look forward to watching on Fridays. Her character on the show is hilarious and so is Bisola. Her singing and acting abilities are amazing. She can be loud which is annoying at times but she’s a great person.

The only let down is her association with Thin Tall Tony who is yet to tell her that he is a married man with two children. It’s unfortunate that she has been called out of her name when and labelled disgusting things when she’s not even aware of his status. The other day she asked him if he was single and he answered ‘By the Grace of God’. When I see some of the comments about her, I feel like singing ‘It is not her fault oh, it is not her fault!’ but I don’t have the willpower to be changing opinions.

The evicted housemates… Soma, Miyonse, Coco Ice and Gifty.

I started watching Big Brother a day before Soma and Miyonse were evicted so I don’t have much of an opinion of them. Ebuka should be hailed for their post eviction interviews. They were so stunned and disappointed that they had been evicted that they hardly answered and there wasn’t much for Ebuka to bounce off of. It was so bad, I burst out laughing several times during Soma’s interview.

I can’t say much about Coco Ice. The only thing I can remember was the argument she had with T Boss or Uriel when she told either of them not to cry because they had been nominated for eviction. Gifty, on the other hand, with her self acknowledged ‘put on’ accent is one of the housemates I won’t forget. She was a free spirit with the guys and caused a minor stir when she claimed she didn’t know who Falz the Bahd Guy and Banky W are.

The OK housemates… Bassey and T Boss

I think they are slightly better than the rest of the housemates minus Bisola, Efe and Jon but I’m still not sure about them. Bassey is talented and I can see him as an Online Air Personality. He’s really good in the show the housemates do sometimes where they talk about different topics.

T Boss is ok but she hasn’t done enough for me to want her to win the competition. She has a lot of fans to take her far so it’s not as if she needs my vote. I really felt for her with Kemen following her about. She dealt with the situation better than I would have especially when they had to share the VIP room as part of a treat for a task. After taking her time to go to bed, which in my opinion was to avoid him as much as she could, it took no time for him to cuddle her in bed. She allowed it for a  bit before she shrugged him off but I would have elbowed him in the gut almost immediately. She later claimed that he groped her. When some side eye her over he lack or next to none dancing during the parties, I identify with her.

The fake housemates… Ese and Jon.

They were brought into the house to stir up trouble with the housemates but they really haven’t done much. Ese has done a bit more than Jon. She’s fun and the brings an element of fun to the house. I’ve seen her act a few times in the house and she is talented. I hope she goes far after this.

Jon’s voice is amazing and so soothing. I love his Uncle Suru song and I’ll definitely be watching out for him when he leaves the house. He’s also smart for someone that’s young.

The other housemates…

Uriel… Great singer. She’s seen as a backstabber but I just see it as talking about other housemates. People look forward to her diary room dramas but I find them over the top at times.

Debie Rise… Good guitar player and singer. I identify with her partially because I can also be as naive as she seems to be. Sorry to say but I’m often bored when she’s shown apart from when she and the other housemates have their jam sessions and come up with great songs. Better than some that are currently out.

Bally… In my opinion, he’s good looking and he likes to argue.

Marvis… She loves eba more than I like anything containing sugar which is very serious. She eats it like someone has told her that there’ll be no more eba from tomorrow. She’s a cool person and everyone likes her.

Efe… The Warri boy! He talks too much when he drinks but he’s generally ok. His stans have done him a disservice as they’ve made me and others go off him a bit. I get that he’s the non-pretentious average Nigerian and he’s ‘real’ but that doesn’t mean he should win.

Kemen… Also known as Phillips because of his big lips that look as if they are swallowing people when he kisses. Sorry, that’s what it actually looks like. He’s smart but he acts like a know it all which can be quite annoying. Tends to talk too much at times. I think people have been really harsh on his looks because he’s decent looking. What has irritated me about him the most is his infatuation with T Boss. Without saying ‘Kemen, I am not interested’, I think T Boss has made it clear that she doesn’t like him but he doesn’t get it. I think it’s slowly registering. He made me laugh when T Boss told him that he groped her and he replied ‘Grope? I don’t know what that is’. He looked so confused when he said it.

Thin Tall Tony… Also known as Triple T. I was indifferent about him until his marital status reared its head. Maybe the situation is different from what we can see and they’re separated but it was unfair for him to be involved with Bisola knowing he has a wife and children at home. I don’t want to judge. What he does is his business and he’s a grown man. His wife is supporting him so it’s all good and well for them but if it’s his game plan to appear single, I wish he would have left Bisola out of it. She’s been labelled a whore for being involved with a man she doesn’t know is married. His mum recently came out and said TTT’s wife is the only one and anyone else is a counterfeit which is unfortunate. I’m waiting for him and Kemen to leave the house.

I like watching the good parts of Big Brother. It’s a necessary escape when I’m not in the mood for anything plus I love reading Don Jazzy’s tweets about it. I really hope Bisola wins but it’s looking like Efe will take the crown.

UPDATE: I’d rather Ese win the 25 million but unfortunately she’s a fake housemate. Hopefully Big Brother will exchange her for someone. I wouldn’t mind if Efe wins now.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the 52 week challenge to collapse. Fortunately, I am still going to try my hardest to post 52 posts this year and I will see how well I’ve done at the end of the year. It may seem small but I have been struggling with writing and I have to really make a conscious effort to do better.


6 thoughts on “Big Brother Nigeria

  1. I don’t even like watching Big Brother but I could care less if other people are watching it. Nigerians are really annoying with this sense of entitlement about deciding how other people have fun.
    If you don’t like Big Brother, switch off your TV or change the channel. It is probably these same people who come out to make nonsense points like “gay scenes in TV shows are too much, Hollywood is trying to shove down homosexuality down out throat”.
    Again, if you cannot stand gay people kissing or doing whatever in TV shows, get off your sense of entitlement and skip the scene or stop watching, it’s not really by force to see what everybody else is watching.

    Every time other people are having fun and it does not conform with the “religious” functionality of the average “religious” hypocritical Nigerian, you see BS like “Sign this petition to stop Big Brother from showing in Nigeria”. For goodness sakes, people have been killed in Southern Kaduna for the most part of the last quarter of 2016 into 2017, and people are not even paying attention to it the same way they are paying to Big Brother, no one is starting a petition for Southern Kaduna, there is recession and if it was not biting so hard, people would not pay attention, the almighty corruption has been destroying Nigeria for a long time, how many words has been said or steps has been taken about it, but its Big Brother Nigeria, so hey why not lets start a stupid petition just to show that we have “morals” that does not even reflect in the everyday actions of the average Nigerian in Nigeria.

    Again I don’t even enjoy watching Big Brother Nigeria, but this thing where some people will just come and start shaming other people for enjoying what they are afraid to enjoy because of your personal aversion to it and because you think they should be doing something else annoys me the core of my being.

    • I know you don’t like Big Brother but I’ll still be talking to you about it. 😂

      Everything you’ve said is true. People are telling others what they should do and they should know that it will backfire especially when religion and morality are brought into it. It’s all a matter of choice and we all need to respect the choices and decisions of others especially when they don’t align with our personal beliefs.

  2. I’ve been watching!! It was going to be touch and go at first but after I discovered that I personally knew 2 people (TTT & Efe) and Bisola was in the game, I knew I had to follow up closely.
    Your rundown is so on point! I wanted Gifty and Miyonse to be the first to go, I don’t know how Soma got caught up in the crossfire but oh well, damages. The complicated but not so complicated relationship between Tony and Bisola has me speechless. I’d have been so happy for both of them if he was single. Bisola is a class act and I love to watch her on “Skinny Girl In Transit” too(Can’t wait for the next season to begin). Uriel is so composed until she is in the dairy room and all hell breaks lose, lol. I enjoy watching her simply because of how she switches character. Has me thinking, which one of them is the real Uriel? Kemen is my sister’s namesake (from another state) so I’m slightly sympathetic towards him. I like Bassey for his body and cool demeanor, lol. Jon should just go. Ese can stay, I like her! Bally, Tboss, Debbyrise & Marvis all fall into the same category for me and need to bring something else to the table or else… Ok bye, before this turns into a post!

    • What’s it like watching people that you know? I can’t imagine. I agree with everything you’ve said but that Kemen… I’ll be side eyeing him until he leaves. He said that John Okafor (Mr Ibu) and Omotola only came to the house to ‘sell themselves’. He makes me laugh though.

      • It’s odd, that I can say! I’m glad they have the opportunities to sell themselves. I may be wrong but Kemen has his moments of wisdom. On the other hand I think he tries to sell that part of himself too much too (Talk about removing the beam in his eye, lol). I miss most of the interesting and controversial bits but I was able to watch their drama presentation last night and it was brilliant, especially Bisola’s team. I actually applauded at the end!

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