New year, new me and all that jazz…


Every time I start a new blog post (eventually), it starts off with an explanation of why I haven’t blogged and the “I’ll try to do my best and blog more” spiel. I’ll do a bit of the explanation and less of the spiel. Last year was ok but it was not fun. I fell out with the career I had studied my whole life for, because it fell out with me. The amount of job applications I sent out was mad and it was not fun. The responses were either:

Thank you for applying. We’ve received a lot of applications and unfortunately you have not been successful/we have chosen someone more suited to the role


You have been successful and have now moved on to the second stage where you will be required to take some tests.

The majority of those tests had diagrams like this:


Picture taken from Assessment Centre HQ (

Which had me looking like this while the clock was counting down the time:



I would receive no response because I didn’t get the job


I would get the occasional response and go for an interview but the majority of my interviews were exactly like my video interviews…. I was half babbling and half praying for the awkward agony to be over.


At the beginning of the year, I spoke to God and said, I will get a job at least by the second half of the year and won’t He do it! He did! I eventually got a job which has nothing to do with law but I was grateful to have a job. It came at the right time. I love the people I work with and I genuinely enjoy what I do. It also helped that I had a handful of friends to encourage me and I had my family help me every step of the way. It is not easy to suffer my rants but they sat through it patiently and listened to all of them.

Between Christmas and the New Year I was so excited. I bought a notebook and wrote down my plans for 2018. Occasionally I would hear people saying there was no point of making resolutions that you would break soon after the new year and

You don’t have to wait till the new year to change. You can change now.

Hearing it would irritate me. If people choose to change when it is a new year, those that don’t like it should fall back and mind their business.

So far I have broken resolutions 2 and 3 but I can still continue. I messed them up so soon after the new year too. Smh. But it is expected and I will keep on as much as I can.

I hope I have an amazing year. I hope we all have an amazing year. I am not promising to be more proactive with my blog. I hope to show it instead. Thank you to the friend who is always getting me to write and pushed me to post today.

I am definitely reading more books this year. I am currently reading Trevor Noah’s BORN A CRIME which is such an amazing book. I have laughed like an idiot plenty of times in public because of it and I will be sad when I reach the end. A book review will be coming as soon as I am done.

Once again, happy new year and I hope you all have an amazing year with great achievements.


p.s. Yes I know this post is a bit disjointed but bear with me.

2 thoughts on “New year, new me and all that jazz…

  1. Happy new year! “Every time I start a new blog post (eventually), it starts off with an explanation of why I haven’t blogged and the “I’ll try to do my best and blog more” spiel” – this is so me!

    I’m trying my best to do better this year though!

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