On Becoming by Toke Makinwa

The moment I found out about On Becoming, I knew I had to read it. I guess by its true definition, I am a fan of Toke. Not one of those off the wall crazy fans but I admire her and her career. I’ve watched her videos on YouTube and follow her on Snapchat and she seems to be an amazing person who is always happy, living in light and grounded in faith. To read about what she has endured in her life and how she was able to overcome it was interesting.

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Bwari Child Foundation




This has been long overdue. I thought I would write about something that is dear to me, Bwari Child Foundation (BCF). Yesterday, we had our Farewell Party at the Holy Family Orphanage behind Elim Top Suites in Bwari. Before I came to the law school, I read about a charity organisation connected to the law school. I can’t remember what it was about from then on I knew that I wanted to join a charity. I can’t remember hearing any announcements being made (it’s likely I may not have been listening!). Anyway, in Bar 1 I went to the Anglican Church within the campus for the first time. After the service, Bar 1’s were told to stay back and were assured that if they needed any help, there were NLS (Nigerian Law School) staff members that would be able to help. We were also introduced to a former Bar 1 student, Victoria, who just so happened to be the then President of the Bwari Child Foundation. That was when she told me about BCF and I immediately wanted to join. She had such a passion for the foundation and from the way she spoke about it, one could tell that it was something very important to her. It was sad to see her cry when she handed over the reins to our set (2013/14). That is essentially the story of me joining BCF.

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Releasing exam stress and having fun


I took a day off. I woke up yesterday and I just couldn’t read. There is so much information to take in! Luckily, a friend suggested that we should go to Tutti Frutti in Wuse II. On the way, we got hungry and decided to go to KFC, which is right next to it. The food was really good. It did cost more than what I would have paid in London but as I keep being told, this is Nigeria, not London, and I need to stop converting. Also, I was happy to see a burger because I haven’t really been liking the food I have been eating much. The service was good also. After, we went to Tutti Frutti and got some frozen yoghurt. There were different flavours such as Pomegranate (not so nice), vanilla, chocolate, guava and orange. I picked vanilla, chocolate and guava. They also had a variation of toppings to choose from. I picked skittles and jelly babies.

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Fun times!!!


It has been a while since I posted. Law school is going well. I’ve been coping. We’ve got Bar 1 exams in just over a week. When I’m done with my exams, I will write a post on my time so far in  Nigeria which has basically been Bwari. It takes some time to get to town and I can’t be bothered a lot of the time so I don’t venture outside the campus gates a lot. A friend of mine suggested that a group of us should get something to eat and we went yesterday. We ended up going to Tulip which is in Wuse II. It is a lovely Bistro with great decor and the customer service was amazing even with my indecisiveness and numerous questions. The cost was reasonable.

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Happy Africa Day!!!

Hi everyone!

Today is Africa day! Happy Africa Day!!! I’ve been on this earth for over 24 years and I didn’t know it existed. I found out through the Africa Channel. I decided to look it up. It is every year on the 25th of May and it commemorates the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). The OAU, established in 1963, initially focused on ending colonial rule in various African countries. It then became the African Union in 2002, aimed at economic integration among other things.

In honour of its 50th anniversary, I thought I would mention 5 things I love about my country of descent, Nigeria! (It was meant to be 5 things I love about Africa but it turned into 5 things I love about Nigeria, plus I haven’t been so exposed to other African countries as much as I would like).

Five things I love about Nigeria!

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New artist…. Shakka


I thought I would share a music video from a new artist that I have found out about. His name is Shakka and I first saw him on Wretch 32’s music video for ‘Blackout’. I looked him up online and he is a great singer. I love his sound. It’s fresh in relation to a lot of the music that’s out now. If you like the song it’s available on itunes: