NYSC Registration

I have been in education for most of life and heaven knows I need experience. I can’t wait to start working and hopefully that will be soon. I can complain (even though I don’t see it as complaining but as commenting on things that I don’t like). I am somehow looking forward to working long hours. It’s better for me to be occupied than for me to be idle and unfortunately I think I like a bit of stress. As I am now a qualified legal practitioner, a fact I’m still coming to terms with, the next phase in my moving to Nigeria journey is Youth Service.  

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Bar 1 Registration


The new batch of bar 1’s will be starting soon! Congratulations to everyone who will be starting in July! This time last year I was getting ready to go to Nigeria. How time flies! I got a comment from Ebun asking me to give more insight on the day of registration and what things bar 1’s should bring. It’s coming later than I thought because I’ve been busy with the law firm attachment but here it is.

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