Naive and too optimistic?


As you may have read before, I am applying to go to law school in Nigeria. For those who don’t, you can read my first blog 😉 . I, unfortunately, like to stress myself out. Before I write any exam, I go through a ritual of worrying that I won’t pass or I don’t know as much as I should or I should have started reading months ahead of time not weeks or days before 🙂 . There are numerous forms I have to fill in and I’m already stressed but hopefully by next week, I’ll have sent everything off.

Keeping my fingers crossed so that I get in because I can’t wait to go to Nigeria. I’ve been looked at like I am a bit crazy. One of the responses has been, “People in Nigeria are looking for ways to go London but you grew up in London and want to go to Nigeria.” 🙂 I love London and thanks to my parents, I have been given an opportunity (in terms of education, health and so on) that others have not been able to access. I just want a change of environment and lately, I’ve been on a Nigeria/Africa craze. These are the examples.

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