One more thing…


This is the last thing I’m going to post today. When I was at university, I came across Sahara Reporters. Two of their reporters, Rudolf Okonkwo and Adeola post videos on YouTube which talk about Nigerian news, news around the world and other things and add humour to it. I love watching their videos and they keep me up to date with what is going on in Nigeria. Here are two of their most recent videos:

Keeping it real with Adeola:

Dr Damages:



Two Angry Men


I was reading Linda Ikeji’s blog and I came across a YouTube video about whether Nigerian men and women can be faithful by BattaBox. I watched the video and decided to look through their other videos. That was when I came across Two Angry Men. They are so funny. They talk about pastors and private jets, Nollywood actors and actresses and other things. There is truth behind the humour. I’ve embedded one of their videos so you can see it.