The never ending talk about oil in Nigeria


When I started this blog, I thought I would just be talking about my move to Nigeria and Law School, though I will not talk about the latter (see former post). I also decided that I would say some things about Nigeria but I did not know to what extent. I didn’t know that when I would comment on what is happening in Nigeria, I would be educating myself further. I don’t know when my passion for Nigeria began. I can remember my parents taking me to go to boarding school in Nigeria and after every term, I would be desperate to come back to England. Seeing Heathrow or Gatwick made me so happy. It was when I was about to do my final year and I was told that I was going to do it in England that I cried and fought to finish it in Nigeria. So far, my education in Nigeria is by far the best educational experience I have had ever till date. God knows I did not enjoy A-levels. 🙂

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