Bar II Final Exam Results 2013/2014

Yesterday was completely different from what I was expecting. I was happy that I had passed but not as happy as I should have been. It wasn’t about not getting the grade that I was expecting because I got over that quickly. What was sad yesterday was the number of people that failed.

There are figures flying about so mine may not be as accurate but out of around 6000 students just above 2100 students passed. Basically, two thirds of the law students who took the exams did not pass. There was something I read on twitter along the lines of “How can you be happy when your friends have not passed”. I can’t remember the exact words.

From looking online and what students have been hearing for years, this is not new. This has been the situation in the previous years. I was told that this has been the worst but I’m not sure how correct that is. Continue reading