There Was a Country: Commentary and Review

Sorry this is being posted later than I planned. I posted this and realised that it had turned into an essay was a bit too long for a post. Sorry for those that don’t like long posts/pages. If you find it a bit long, you can always read it in chunks. I commend those who have been able to review/comment on the book and have been able to keep it simple and short because it defeated me. There is so much to talk about and I cannot summarise to save my life. I have decided instead to leave it as it is and publish it as a page instead of a post. One thing that redeems me is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s review is just as long as mine. 🙂 Click HERE for a link to the commentary/review or you can find it to your right under the pages link.

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Happy Democracy Day!!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Let me start off by saying Happy Democracy Day to all of my fellow Nigerians! I have never heard of this day before. Nigerians tend to eat Jollof rice and chicken when they celebrate and it just so happens it’s what I ate today so I subconsciously celebrated! 🙂 Nigerians make me laugh. Democracy day was trending on twitter worldwide today. I read messages along the lines of if 35 people have issues voting, what about the country and “Demo-crazy day”. I saw Dem-are-crazy on another blog which I thought was hilarious.

I just signed up to twitter today mainly because of Sunrise Daily, on Channels TV, which is accessible online. The presenters don’t back down when it comes to questioning neither do they allow weak answers. I’m digressing. I was watching Sunrise Daily and the topic of discussion was the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) or rather the shambles it became. How ironic that just before we are meant to celebrate Democracy Day, this comes up. It highlights that if 35 governors cannot pick their chairman, how is it elections are run in Nigeria in an orderly manner? Despite this, I will never not acknowledge that Nigeria has made progress. NaijaYarnz put up a post on Democracy Day which I think is very good. It is balanced and states Nigeria’s progress and areas it still needs to work on. I’m sure we can agree that politics and elections are areas  Nigeria still needs to improve on.

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Channels TV

Channels TV has a great programme every morning from 7am to 9am (Lagos time) called Sunrise for anyone that wants to watch. They talk about important Nigerian issues. You can still watch it if you miss it by going to their youtube channel at this address: For anyone that wants to watch it live click on the live feed below at 7am (if you’re awake *wink* )

The never ending talk about oil in Nigeria


When I started this blog, I thought I would just be talking about my move to Nigeria and Law School, though I will not talk about the latter (see former post). I also decided that I would say some things about Nigeria but I did not know to what extent. I didn’t know that when I would comment on what is happening in Nigeria, I would be educating myself further. I don’t know when my passion for Nigeria began. I can remember my parents taking me to go to boarding school in Nigeria and after every term, I would be desperate to come back to England. Seeing Heathrow or Gatwick made me so happy. It was when I was about to do my final year and I was told that I was going to do it in England that I cried and fought to finish it in Nigeria. So far, my education in Nigeria is by far the best educational experience I have had ever till date. God knows I did not enjoy A-levels. 🙂

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